PORTRAITS OF WATER: new decor collection by FAINA

FAINA collection of live design portraited the water in the new series of glass vases PLYN. 

In Ukrainian, PLYN means fluidity. Spontaneous, emotional, fluid: the design pieces reflect the uncontrolled nature of the water that eternally changes its forms. «We took the Water Element as a material symbol of an infinite fluidity of being. This living matter can take different forms, but never lose its essence. We have to learn from Water.» comments Victoria Yakusha, founder of FAINA and author of the collection.

The PLYN series includes 5 vases of different sizes. A descending mountain stream: PLYN narrow vase; a tranquil deep river: PLYN shallow vase; water overcoming the banks: PLYN wide vase. Similar to merging bodies of water, PLYN Duo vases feature two necks inletting into one flow. 

Taking the mission to pass the story on, FAINA is known for reviving ancient crafts in modern design. Voices of centuries come to life through the Ukrainian technique of free blowing called gutnytstvo. The master crafts each piece by hand without any molds, therefore even two identical pieces naturally differ: in thickness, forms, depth of tone. 

Acceptance of the living nature of the material was a forming part of the design. «We didn’t want to use the molds and just let the pieces be as they have to. Each vase is imbued with a unique living soul: no two are alike.” 

The PLYN vases were presented in Paris during Summer Solstice, a time of natural renewal and most strength of Mother Nature. To narrate the message behind the PLYN decor, an art exhibition included a live performance with water and a flexible human body reflecting the idea of the fluidity of being. In addition, the PLYN collection by FAINA includes soft furniture pieces: sofa and an armchair. 

Author of the PLYN collection: Victoria Yakusha.
Brand: FAINA collection of live design by Yakusha.
Photographer: Yevhenii Avramenko.  

New PLYN collection was presented in Paris during Summer Solstice, a time of natural renewal.

About the brand 

FAINA is a collection of live design established in 2014 as a part of multidisciplinary Yakusha Studio. Rooted in rich Ukrainian cultural heritage, FAINA creates links between sustainable approach to contemporary living and mysterious relations of our ancestors with nature: Earth, Sun, Wind, Air. Brand’s collection includes authentic furniture, lighting, and decor that has been represented at Milan Design Week, Paris Design Week, London Design Fair, Collectible Fair, as well as exhibited in numerous galleries around the globe.