Ancestral and primal — Soniah lighting, by Faina

Created by Victoria Yakusha, founder of FAINA, SONIAH lighting is rooted in her native country’s heritage and nature. With primitive archetypical form, it pays a tribute to the flower of the Sun appreciated on Ukrainian land (in Ukrainian SONIAH is a sunflower).

The design piece stands out with authentic texture which, layer on layer, comes from the hands of an artisan. Victoria was inspired by the technique her grandparents used for traditional Ukrainian buildings and artistically applied it in modern design.

The sustainable mass which gives SONIAH a sculptural form is a signature FAINA material based on recycled paper, clay, hay, and other natural components. Called ‘ztista’, the material reflects the brand’s philosophy of design. With years, it can be ground up and left to decompose in soil — to get back to nature.

SONIAH floor lamp is presented in small, medium, and big sizes which can go separately or be paired in the space.