Bosa fantastic animals

The bestiary of Bosa hosts protected species, curious, colourful and precious animals.
Special objetcs to bring a present of elegance and fantasy in the houses.

Bosa, the internationally known Venetian ceramics workshop, has been creating completely handmade objects and pieces of furniture since 1976. Thanks to the consolidated artisan experience, Bosa has undertaken a number of design challenges, creating functional objects and works of art design in collaboration with designers and businesses. Bosa products are known for their exclusive colours and finishings, such as precious metals and enamels, the fruit of the company’s natural and constant propensity towards experimentation and research.


Hopebird by Bosa | design Jaime Hayon

“A table top sized sculpture that symbolizes the importance of an optimistic approach to what lies ahead. The ‘HopeBird’ stands proud and straight with a dynamic watch-out position toward the horizon, inviting us to reflect on the importance of staying positive to what the future may bring.”  Jaime Hayon


Dab Penguin by Bosa | design Vittorio Gennari

This penguin’s gesture (dabbing) refers to a pose struck by athletes after an exceptional performance or by footballers after a goal, a gesture of pride that recognizes a great feat, imitated by millions of young people around the globe. 60% of the world’s penguins have disappeared over the last 50 years, yet this penguin seems to say ‘I’m here and I’m a hero’. This call for attention is meant to raise awareness about what’s happening to those (besides us) who live on planet Earth. 

Designed using the low-poly technique, this ceramic penguin is defined by a few lines, while its facets are emphasized by the introduction of precious metal enamel. As essential as possible, it’s as if the penguin were disappearing. The result is a form that suggests a presence that is slowly being reduced, until it disappears, a representation of the time that is coming to an end.


Bec, Duck, Tucan by Bosa | design Ionna Vautrin

Although their body types are the same, only the design of the beak and the plumage of these three birds differentiate and define their species: a duck, a toucan and aseagull. For each statuette, its character: a wise and docile seagull, a proud and arrogant toucan, a naive and mischievous duck… Three statuettes ready for adoption!


Mr Ciao by Bosa | design Vittorio Gennari

This proud, defiant character is a domestic ally that keeps us company in our daily lives, supporting us and becoming a good luck talisman. With his characteristically Tai Chi pose and a smile that conveys a courageous, positive attitude that’s open to the future, Mr. Ciao reminds us how important it is to cultivate our inner energy and seek out balance and harmony.

In glazed ceramic, Mr. Ciao has been crafted using the low-poly technique, defining his three-dimensional, multi-faceted surface. Colourful accents against the monochromatic backdrop highlight his essential features and happy expression.


Bernardo by Bosa | design Elena Salmistraro

The Panda is the international symbol of all endangered species (it’s no coincidence that it’s also the icon of the WWF). In this sculpture, this cute and often lazy bear stands proudly on his hind legs.

Bernardo means ‘strong and brave as a bear’, and Elena Salmistraro has envisioned him adorned like the head of a tribe. A sort of armour, the crown of leaves and branches of his favourite food, bamboo, turn him into a hero ready to fight to defend all other animals.

The unique decorations of this ceramic piece – with its alternating hues, 3D inserts and refined shiny and matt finishes – make it a fascinating character that inspires the imagination and reminds us how vital it is to save our planet.