New digital tools from Jacuzzi® to show off the world of wellness

Jacuzzi® introduces its new digital tools to the public that use technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and new on-line configurators to identify, personalise and contextualise the main Hot Tub and Swim Spa solutions from the comfort of every wellness lover’s PC, smartphone and tablet. This is how Jacuzzi® Augmented Reality, Jacuzzi® Finder, and in its upgraded version- Jacuzzi® Spa Virtual Experience, were born, thanks to which each customer can plan the purchase of a Hot Tub or a counter-current swimming pool, by virtually adding them to the environment where they would like to install them, be it at home or in the hospitality sector, configuring the finishes and assessing which technological and aesthetic option best suits their space.

Jacuzzi® Augmented Reality, accessible from, the new digital tool that allows you to select the Jacuzzi® Hot Tub or Swim Spa you are most interested in and configure it according to the finish – shell and panels – that best suits your needs. It also allows you to have a 360° view of the product, rotating it from every angle so that you can get a good look at both the perimeter and the inside, with a focus on the seats and hydromassage system. After viewing, you can request a quote, download the configured hot tub in pdf format and find out more about the product’s features and technical advantages.

Jacuzzi® Spa Virtual Experience, which can also be reached through the website, is the interactive portal that – thanks to the support of virtual reality – allows the user to visualise the chosen Jacuzzi® Hot Tub and Swim Spa in 3D, setting it in refined, stylish environments. The setting can be selected according to the user’s preferences: a valley immersed in the woods with a magnificent lake in the background, a splendid tropical beach or a garden within a modern residential complex. From today, there are also new and evocative contextualised settings in countryside and mountain scenery. Thanks to a new Augmented Reality-based feature, it will also be possible to visualise the product in one’s own home environment, for even more accurate feedback. By navigating through the fully explorable environments, the user can study the details of the product and virtually install his or her own in-home hot tub, choosing from over 50 Jacuzzi® models. But that’s not all: once the model that meets your needs has been selected, the user can personalise it by choosing the panel and shell finishes to view it in its final configuration before purchasing it from an authorised Jacuzzi® Dealer.


Finally, Jacuzzi® Finder is the new service that helps the customer choose the most suitable Hot Tub or Swim Spa for his or her needs, based on the space available and the desired benefits, whether it is hydrotherapy for relaxation, fun with loved ones or recovery after physical activity. Through just a few simple questions, this tool guides the customer towards their perfect product, subsequently redirecting them to Jacuzzi® Spa Virtual Experience and Jacuzzi® Augmented Reality for a further refinement of the search.

Jacuzzi® Augmented Reality, Jacuzzi® Hot tub Virtual Experience and Jacuzzi® Finder are Jacuzzi® projects in collaboration with Neiko Srl, Conegliano (TV).