Sustainable Transformation of the Textile Industry. Sustainability & Circularity: a key focus at ITMA 2023

Textile and garment manufacturers, as well as fashion brands, seeking to future proof their business recognize the importance of increasing their commitments to sustainable development.

Among the measures that can cut the industry’s environmental footprint as the world accelerates towards circularity are sourcing raw materials with better recycling processes, employing green technologies that reduce water and energy consumption, and substituting hazardous chemicals with safer substitutes.

Decision-makers and influencers are coming to Milan in 2023 to source solutions that will help them progress towards a circular and more sustainable business model.

To develop a fully functioning textile-to-textile circular system, the entire system has to be involved. It’s all about inputs and outputs and how they need to all link up.
Karla Magruder, Founder
Accelerating Circularity

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ITMA 2023 will highlight opportunities within the industry to speed up transition to sustainable practices and to build resilience in the future through innovative technologies and materials, and industry collaboration. Ride on the green transformation at the world’s largest textile and garment technology exhibition.

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