Boost Stone. Architectural Instinct.

Boost Stone is the collection that relaunches the potential of the stone effect in the world of contemporary design, inaugurating new creative horizons.


The dimension of design.

The XL format, available in all the colors of the collection, amplifies spaces creating a natural setting that conveys an elegant effect of continuity.

Dialog between spaces.

Thanks to a specific range of finishes and thicknesses, Boost Stone allows you to create stone-effect exteriors that are perfectly coordinated with the interiors.

Natural contemporaneity

The collection’s surfaces are inspired by the limestone rocks extracted from the quarries of the Pyrenees, translating their natural shading into a range of neutral tones.

Matching colors.

The color palette featuring warm, cool, light, and dark tones allows you to easily create combinations with all the shades of Boost and Boost Pro concrete-effect tiles.

Unlimited design.

Be inspired by Boost Stone: maximum freedom of expression to design contemporary environments in total stylistic and visual continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Enter Boost World.

Boost Stone interacts and coexists with all the surfaces of Boost World, a style project that offers an extraordinary creative tool for architecture and interior design.