BMR celebrates its 500th polishing machine at the Iris Group

A round number counts exactly the same as all the others, from a mathematical point of view. But included in a story, it takes on a greater value, a particular meaning. All the more so when it “encounters” particular contingencies: we are talking about the number 500 of BMR and Iris Ceramica Group.

The Scandiano (RE) company, leader in the production of end-of-line systems and plants, has in fact just produced and delivered the 500th Leviga in its history. The machine is part of the supply to Iris Ceramica Group of a plant for Fiandre, a historic company belonging to the group led by the Minozzi family, with which BMR boasts a long and fruitful collaboration for over ten years.

The technology dedicated to the polishing and lapping of ceramic surfaces was sold as part of a complete line with pre-grinding, lapping and Supershine treatment, with maximum sizes of 1,200×1,200 mm. Just to remind you, lapping is the surface polishing process through which more or less shiny finishes are given to glazed surfaces or to porcelain stoneware, thus decisively defining the aesthetic result of the finished product. BMR has been a pioneer of this technology, standing out in over 50 years of business for its constant R&D that went hand in hand –if not in advance– with respect to the needs and trends of the sector.

The 500th Leviga delivered to Fiandre has the Leviga Plus configuration: it is the spearhead of the Leviga range, a double bridge machine with surface abrasion process for lapping, satin finishing and polishing tiles. Leviga Plus consists of a single base with double swinging upper bridge, each part of which has independent speed to increase the performance of the tools.

The machine is controlled by three panels: a touch screen for the rapid display of the work parameters and alarms with a panel for each head, a pneumatic panel for pressure and counterpressure control, an electrical panel with digital ammeter, start buttons, motor stop, spindle up/down and finally a control panel with digital indicators of the main management parameters.

To complete the line, Supershine was added, the high-tech treatment machine that is changing the finishing process of ceramic surfaces. Very similar to the lapping machine, but heavier, and equipped with “dry” technology which makes it in all respects the first dry super-polisher. Its manufacturing process is based on mechanical and physical dynamics between the tool, the surface and the chemical product applied, and aims to enhance the digital graphics of the tile and to guarantee high gloss and protection for the surface.

“We are very satisfied with this fortunate coincidence which meant that the 500th Leviga was delivered to a leading company in our district with whom we have been collaborating for years –said Paolo Sassi, chairman of BMRIt is a sign that reaffirms the common path faced together towards the excellence of Made in Italy and that encourages us to continue on this path, always trying to improve to ensure increasingly effective technologies, functions and services at the service of ceramics”.