Jacuzzi® expands Made in Italy production with the J-335™ spa

The latest addition to the J-300TM family, consisting of eight prized models with a modern, sophisticated design, PowerPro® jets and top performance

Jacuzzi® J-335™ is one of the best solutions for enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapy to the full: a hot tub for 5-6 people that allows you to stretch out and relax along the fairly deep ergonomic seats and lounge seat and is designed to comfortably accommodate any build. Ideal for families, the flat foot area makes it particularly suitable for younger children.

It is equipped with 40 PowerPro® jets, which work on the whole body with an effective hydromassage with targeted action on the shoulders, back, hips, hands, wrists, legs and feet. The adjustable FX jets direct water with strength and precision; the warmth of the moving water stimulates endorphins, which in turn provide natural relief. Further features include 4 illuminated headrests, including the HydroSoothe™ pillow with built-in massager, the ProLiteTM LED lighting system, with an LED control panel to offer further comforts and heighten your hot tub experience. As in the other spas in the collection, the new low emission CLEARRAY® Active OxygenTM ozonator + UV-C guarantees optimal disinfection with a reduced use of chemical agents.

The Jacuzzi® J-300™ series consists of 8 completely renovated prized spas, featuring a modern, functional design and PowerPro® hydromassage jets, the best in hydromassage performance. Elegant and full of charm, thanks also to the new finishes, they feature active LED lights above and below the water, as well as inside the cup holders and the controls, which are now even easier to use with the new control system. The new seats, and the position and power of the jets offer even more effective hydromassage in the back and lumbar region. A series of spas with easy maintenance, thanks to the external panels which can be removed without the need for tools and thanks to the backlit controls.

The exclusive accessory features further expand the wellness potential offered by the J-300™ models: in addition to the BLUEWAVE Stereo® with speakers and subwoofer, the unbeatable option for having your own spa in the palm of your hand is the SmartTub™, the innovative app for the remote control of all the main functions of the spa, via smartphone and tablet.  Available in three new finishes and with 6 colours available for the shell, these spas will match any setting, no matter your style and specific requirements. LED lights at the corners delimit the J-300™ and give the product a romantic, charming feel, especially at dusk.