Christmasworld: In late summer and autumn, the «local+vital» trend brings cheerful accents to shop windows and shops alike

When the last beautiful sunny days of the year are approaching, it is a good opportunity to attract customers to the shops with new window decorations and product ranges. Retailers can already prepare for this now. The Christmasworld Trends 22+ under the motto «Facing forward» provide orientation and inspiration. The colourful «local + vital» style is ideal for this. Why? The style agency Stilbüro Bora.Herke.Palmisano explains and gives tips for a trend- oriented implementation. 

«local+vital» brings cheerfulness through striking colours and original products.
Image: Messe Frankfurt

The «local+vital» style world stands for cheerfulness and creativity. It thrives on local colour and is therefore ideal for focusing on the characteristics of the nearby surroundings, the beloved district or the direct neighbourhood. «Proximity and short distances mean quality of life that is a realisation of this time. Especially in the summer months, private and public outdoor spaces are desirable open spaces that become the centre of life. After all, our work and many activities are becoming increasingly detached from fixed spaces. Working, partying, doing sports, and meeting friends – much of this is shifting outdoors. For our celebrations, we now like to decorate with multi-coloured, cheerful decorations that always also bring a relaxed DIY attitude – with particularly eco- friendly and imaginative designs. These aspects can be transferred very well to window dressing and shop design,» says trend expert Claudia Herke from the style agency Stilbüro Bora.Herke.Palmisano. 

Light porcelain, rich beige and black are found in the neutral colour series. In the cool range, milky nuances of May green and lime are juxtaposed with a strong azure blue. Ochre, urban red and strong signal red characterise the warm colour series. The colours have a cheerful, motivating signal effect and thus attract customers to the shop windows and into the shops: the shades are powerful and striking and accentuate graphic shapes and individual motifs. 

Floristry, vases or candles in May green and lime go very well with late summer or autumn decorations – says trend expert Claudia Herke.
Photo: Messe Frankfurt/Pietro Sutera 

Folklore patterns offer themselves as inspiration for the ornamentation, whether they are derived from own fantasy interpretations or the actual local folklore heritage. 

Combine coloured decorative balls made of honeycomb paper with folklore patterns on a late summer table.

In addition, lovely paper works, for example decorations in Kusudama Origami, set beautiful accents and focus on craftsmanship.
In everything, the materials should focus on the environmental idea – this will also be the main focus in the future – says the expert. «For a window display, the theme of paper could be worked with, for example in combination with folklore patterns on a late summer table setting,» advises Herke. 

Fairy lights can now be spiced up with baubles in cheerful colours and designs with dot motifs.
Photo: Messe Frankfurt/Rui Camilo

In the materials, too, striking and colourful motifs as well as graphic patterns determine the surfaces. Moving waves, dot motifs and high-contrast drawings convey a positive and sweeping expression. This can be used very well for eye-catching garlands – for example, coloured glass balls can easily be hung on small hooks on fairy lights. «Incorporating artificial or real flowers into the decoration adds extra highlights and underlines the folkloristic touch,» Herke adds. 

Artificial flowers also shine in strong colours and make for an attractive appearance.
Photo: Messe Frankfurt/Rui Camilo

From February 2023, Christmasworld will be held at the Frankfurt exhibition centre at the same time as the leading international consumer-goods fairs Ambiente and Creativeworld. 

Ambiente/Christmasworld: 3 to 7 February 2023
Creativeworld: 4 to 7 February 2023

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