Diesel Living with Seletti: the «Classics on Acid» plates, the large «Social Smoker» centerpiece and the «Space Rocks» storage shelves

Seletti, the Italian company famous for its figurative design, and Diesel, the trendiest Italian fashion and lifestyle brand, show kaleidoscopic innovations that enrich the eclectic universe of their project DIESEL LIVING WITH SELETTI with the Classics on Acid plates collection, the large Social Smoker centerpiece and the Space Rocks storage shelves. Born from the collaboration between Diesel’s visionary spirit and Seletti’s creative approach, the DIESEL LIVING WITH SELETTI catalog has been presenting totally new accessories for the home for years, and is now expanding with new fun proposals.



Classics on Acid is a collection of extravagant porcelain plates in 6 colorful variations: Imari Dragon, Hollandia Flowers, Maastricht Ship, Blue Chinoiserie, Spanish Yellow, English Delft. Each of them irreverently reinterprets a classic style of the table porcelain decoration, changing the rules of bon ton and embellishing lunches and dinners with a touch of madness. Classics on Acid is the essential service for eclectics and wild party lovers: the typical shape of the dish is altered and the ornaments are faded, evoking the surreal effect of psychedelia. The new plates of the DIESEL LIVING WITH SELETTI collection are perfect for an unexpected table set up, or beautiful as accessories to hang on the wall.




Smoking is no longer in fashion, which is why the irony that unites Seletti and Diesel finds its natural outcome in Social Smoker: a multi-functional porcelain centerpiece that replicates a giant ashtray, in a game of cross-references between form and functionality, typical of Pop Art. The aesthetic short circuit is completed with a giant cigarette, also in porcelain.
A non-ashtray that will push even the most hardened smokers to quit smoking, a basket for seasonal fruit, a box to keep pocket objects or a simple work of art, Social Smoker is the provocative accessory that cannot be missing in the DIESEL LIVING WITH SELETTI homes.


Inspired by interstellar asteroids that traverse the cosmos, the Space Rocks shelves are wall-mounted storage units with a magical and playful style, that, with their irregular surfaces, recall rocky environments from the farthest galaxies. Available in three sizes and in three different colors – white, red, and black – the Space Rocks shelves evoke extraterrestrial environments, and are perfect for the homes of aspiring astronauts and science fiction lovers that want to look at the real world from a novel perspective. Thanks to special concealed hooks, the shelves surface from the wall like real space rocks, creating an effect that is both minimal and alienating.