RONA glassworks celebrating its 130th anniversary

Leading european fine crystalline producer, RONA glassworks, with strong export position, qualified personnel and the most modern technologies, celebrating its 130th anniversary, added new series BALLET to its existing wide machine made portfolio in 2021.

Imagine the ideal body type of ballerina: subtle, slim, elegant, gracefulness and clean silhouette with long neck, firm long legs, solid smooth base with emphasis on technical precision, fluidity, strength and persistence in the performance. It is series BALLET with other highlights:

• Machine made by pulled stem technology.

• “V“  profile at the bottom of goblet bowl.

  New RONA E-commerce packaging, which eliminates the risk of damage to the product during transport and storage. RONA e-commerce packaging also enables faster processing of the order, optimizes logistics and helps to send the goods in the most ecological and cost-effective way, which is why it is the best choice for online business.

• Dishwasher safe lead-free crystalline glassware

The collection is complemented by wine carafe with volume 2280ml fit perfectly in a modern home bar. Also perfect for serving water, juice or other cold beverages.

Chalice Ballet becomes, as it were, the «main character» of RONA video spot «IRRESISTIBLY RESISTANT», where it comes to life in the art of a ballet soloist who, with her elegance, flexibility, strength and technical precision, is the personification of RONA products.