Eldvarm, keeping the flame alive

In 2014, after spending several years working in the fireplace industry, Swedish entrepreneur Louise Varre founded Eldvarm, a brand of accessories dedicated to the fireplace space. Since then, Eldvarm has excelled in the challenge of creating products that are not only beautiful but also functional and eco-friendly. 

Rooted in Scandinavian tradition and culture, Eldvarm places great emphasis on its materials which are meticulously selected for their quality, purity and traceability. Designed with natural elegance, each accessory is distinguished by its modern, fresh look. 

The fireplace is the centrepiece of the home, bringing family and friends together for joyful, shared moments that continue into the summer months around a campfire. Eldvarm, “warm fire” in Swedish, is nourished by the values of connection and camaraderie. 

Based in the heart of the iconic Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighbourhood in Paris, the brand is now sold in over 30 countries. Beyond fireplace accessories, Eldvarm proposes a true art of living built on four fundamental elements: the love of creation, the generosity of materials, the beauty of nature that is present in the smallest details, and vulnerability. In its continuous pursuit to create sustainable and environmentally friendly accessories, the brand has taken risks to achieve its authentic approach. 



Like families gathered around the fire, where the elders pass on their wisdom to future generations, Eldvarm places traditional craftsmanship at the heart of its design. Being guided by their deep respect for nature, the brand surrounds itself with carefully selected European producers.

Eldvarm’s brushes are produced on traditional machines at a third- generation family business, Brosserie Julio in Nantes, France where they have been making brushes since 1947. Most brushes for fireplaces use synthetic fibre, while Eldvarm’s are 100% natural. The bristles are a unique blend of horsehair, the traditional material for fireplace accessories, and Tampico from the Agave cactus. Together they ensure that the brush not only looks good but will last over time.

When tending a fire you really only have the option of working with metal. Eldvarm has turned to steel, a great material in terms of durability, and also one that can be recycled very well. The metal is powder-coated, free of any toxins or harmful substances for minimum environmental impact.

The handles of the different tools including the shovel, brush and blow poker, are made out of wood from sustainably managed forests in France (beech) and the United States (walnut). Eldvarm shows their love for the natural beauty by leaving some of the wooded surfaces untreated allowing them to age naturally with each use, producing a beautiful patina over time.

We Scandinavians have a unique relationship with light and fire, due to the dramatic contrast between our long, cold, dark winters and short summers of endless light. We strive to create beautiful products that respect nature throughout the production process.” Louise Varre, Founder of Eldvarm 


Eldvarm uses vegetable-tanned leather, which is certified organic and free from chrome or other harmful chemicals. This ancient technique produces leather that has natural variations in colour. The leather, especially lighter tones, will darken over time and obtain that much-wanted patina of used leather. 

Eldvarm uses materials that will last over time and withstand wear and tear because sustainability is also about durability. These Scandinavian values of honouring and respecting nature run deep through Eldvarm’s designs and values. 

More than just fireplace accessories, Eldvarm offers a lifestyle focused on well-being and the ideas of comfort. The initial role of the accessories and furniture disappears, and everyone can enjoy reinventing the uses according to their desires: the log basket, for example, lends itself easily to the storage of blankets, towels or even magazines, while the wood storage bench can be transformed into a bed end or a small piece of furniture. 

Because memories around the fire can also be made in the summertime, Eldvarm offers an outdoor version of its products. Designed with stainless steel, the Companion Set and the Wall Set are essential tools for outdoor fireplaces. Their walnut handles are finished with grapeseed oil to enhance the natural grain of the wood but also to weatherproof the tools for outdoor use. The Ninne Bench, available in 4 colours, is protected from corrosion and the harshest of climates, thanks to its galvanised stainless steel and zinc finish. 




Durable and resistant thanks to its metal frame, the Emma Basket is designed for stylish firewood storage but is truly multi-purpose. The basket can be used to store anything in your home – towels, magazines, toys, even plants. When it comes to storing wood, the straight side lines allow you to fill the basket with more logs than you might imagine and the solid design means that all of the small bits of bark remain inside. 


The idea behind this elegant lantern was born one summer’s evening, as Eldvarm founder Louise sat with friends by the outdoor fireplace in her family’s summerhouse in southern Sweden. One friend, who loved the Emma Basket, was convinced that the same shape could also be utilised for a lantern. Although it was designed to be used with a candle, the lantern can also be used as a flower or plant pot (keep the outer pot and don’t fill with water above the lower edge of the leather) or a small bowl if you remove the glass. 

Companion Set

The Companion Set is unlike any other fire tool set on the market. Normally, these sets are made up of four equally long tools, where the poker is the perfect length, but the shovel is impossible to use because the handle is too long and the blade too small. Eldvarm, however, took each tool, considered the job it had to do, and designed it accordingly. 

Wall Set 

As an alternative to the Companion Set, the Emma Wall Set allows you to discreetly store or proudly display your various tools. The set contains three hooks, along with a matching blow poker, shovel and brush. It is available in 4 colours. 

Fire Screen, available in 2 widths 

Elegance and utility go hand in hand with this classic freestanding fireplace screen. Perfect for keeping in jumping sparks and hot embers, you can enjoy the charm of your open fire without any drawbacks. The screen’s smooth handles make it easy to move and its curved base gives it added stability for ultimate safety. 



Indoor & Outdoor Bench 

This modern and refined bench was named after Louise Varre’s grandmother Ninne, to whom she owes her love of beauty and sense of hospitality. Similar to the Emma Basket, this versatile bench has been designed to look beautiful on its own and can be used in an infinite number of ways. 

While offering an elegant alternative to the traditional vertical storage of wood, the Ninne Bench can be used as a fire-side seat, a bed end or to dress up the entrance of a home. 

Eldvarm created two models of the Ninne Bench because meaningful moments can be shared indoors and outdoors. The indoor bench has a powder-coated steel finish while the outdoor bench is made from galvanised steel with a layer of zinc to withstand corrosion and harsh climates. 



Louise Varre, founder and CEO of Eldvarm 

Growing up in Scandinavia, fire was always important to Louise. Her childhood home was heated through the winter with several interior fireplaces and in summer, family and friends gathered by the outdoor fireplace at her beloved grandparents’ summer home in Torekov, southern Sweden. The fireplace was often the centrepiece because it was where the family connected to share stories and create new ones. 

When Louise Varre founded Eldvarm in 2014, she wanted to do more than create beautiful, functional fireplace accessories: she wanted to bring people together around the fire. 

For the Emma and Ninne collections, Louise Varre worked closely with Swedish designer Emma Olbers. In addition to their Scandinavian origins, the two also share a passion for beautiful, practical and ethical furniture. 

Louise Varre aims to collaborate with other renowned designers such as Lebanese designer Charles Kalpakian, who will soon create a collection of fireplace screens whose clean, graphic lines are similar to an architectural expression. 

Emma Olbers, designer of the Emma and Ninne Collections 

Emma Olbers prides herself on being “a furniture designer with an eco heart”. Her goal, since she began designing some 20 years ago, has always been to design quality products that are sustainable. For Olbers, products should be made from natural materials, be carefully produced and last for a long time. 

Born on a farm on the west coast of Sweden in 1972, Olbers is a graduate of Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, as well as the Sustainable Fashion Academy. She opened her own studio in 1999, and over the years she has collaborated with a number of different furniture producers, from huge brands including Ikea to small start-ups. Olbers has won many awards for her designs, including Sustainability Designer of the Year – Residence Magazine 2018, Designer of the Year – RUM Design 2019, and Designer of the Year – ELLE Deco 2020.