Tap into Asian Market via Asia Pool & Spa Expo 2023

The pageantry of Sauna, Spa & Pool China 2022 is still fresh in our memories and now Asia Pool & Spa Expo 2023 has been already on its way. This year’s Asia Pool & Spa Expo is scheduled at Guangzhou China from 10th to 12th May, 2023.

Today’s sauna & spa industry in China is mainly driven by the health-conscious young generation, who especially enjoy an occasional spa or steam bath in the gym. This trend was further substantiated by the increase of spa & sauna exhibitors at Asia Pool & Spa Expo 2022.

With restrictions release, China is experiencing rapid perking in leisure and tourism industry including pools, spas, saunas, springs, water parks and so on. More than 200 exhibition booths have already been booked by exhibitors both home and abroad, and 75% of them exert great influence domestically or internationally. 64% of the exhibitors are our regular patrons, which attracts dozens of new customers to call and make reservations in case all the booths are out.

Meanwhile, a wide range products will be showcased before thousands of foreign and domestic visitors, such as villa design institutes, architects, real estate developers, hotel management companies, resorts, spa and bath centers, beauty salons, fitness clubs, etc. By performing an analysis on visitors data from all past editions, here is an overall look at the show’s visitor composition over the years:

Chinese homegrown brands are also on the rise in the international market. About 75% of our national exhibitors were active in foreign trade and 89% Chinese makers/suppliers attended to meet overseas buyers.

18 years of endeavor has made Asia Pool & Spa an irreplaceable platform for global enterprises to promote their foreign and domestic business, build a positive brand image, and communicate with worldwide insiders. In the future, Asia Pool & Spa will continue to serve as a bridge connecting buyers and suppliers.

I know you can’t wait to be at Asia Pool & Spa Expo 2023, but the exposition is still 2 months to go. In order to quench your thirst for this grand expo, let’s have a little review of previous editions and preview of the 2023 show. Mainly products and services in categories will be as following:

·Swimming pool and accessories:
Pools, Control system for swimming pool, Filters and filter systems, Cleaners and mainenance systems, Chlorine systems, Energy conservation systems whirlpool, Pool lights, Swimming pool accessories, etc.

·Sauna, Steam room & related accessories:
Sauna heaters, Sauna controllers, Infrared Saunas, Steam rooms, steam gengerators, Accessories, Bath system, Portable Sauna kits, Footbath products, Massage systems, Bath products, Bath clothes.

·Spas & Hot tubs:
Spa hot tubs, Medical Spa, Cosmetic, Spa systems, Tanning equipment, Sun beds, Fango, Peloid, Skincare products, Massage tables, essential oils, etc.

·Pool water treatment.

·Water pump:
Agitators, Pump.

·Swimming pool tiles and mosaics.

·Swimming pool detector.

·Essential oil, massage oil and bath salt.

More products and exhibitors are waiting for you at Asia Pool & Spa Expo 2023. If this piece of news have successfully tickled your fancy, please come in person. The charm of this exposition can not be fully appreciated unless you are on site.

As the leading industry trade fair for the fields of swimming pools, sauna, spas, bath, water feature and water park in Asia, Asia Pool & Spa Expo 2023 is welcoming all industry insiders to participate in our annual gathering in Guangzhou, China during 10-12 May, 2023.

Fast registration please click: Asia Pool & Spa Expo 2023 (hwvips.com)

For information and register, please visit: http://www.poolspabathchina.com/en